Shakthi Worship


"To those who adore thee, O' Mother, Thou grantest all boons, Thou art the origin of the Vedas and of all the Worlds, Be pleased to shine in my heart and accept my adoration. Thou art effulgence,Thou art the light of the Devas and Thou art in everything and beyond everything. Bathe me in Thy light and purify me"

History of Shakthi Worship and Parashakthi temple

At our temple parashakthi has manifested as karumariamman.
Karumari is the name of the Supreme divine eternal conciousness

Amman means mother

Goddesses, the Divine as “eternal mother” has been worshipped in all cultures, the world over, since earliest of times. The Divine as the great Mother, the Eternal, Universal Mother is known to us from the ancient written records of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome and India. Karumari Amman: Devi Parashakthi has manifested herself in the form of Karumari Amman in a village named Thiruverkadu on the outskirts of Chennai, India and at the Parashakthi temple in Pontiac Michigan , USA.

This ancient temple in Chennai was built by Sage Agastiar during Vedictimes and has been rebuilt many times since then. Here Agastiar visualized Divine Mother as supreme divine consciousness, which manifested in the material universe as mother-creator of everything in the material and the spiritual universe. Various gods are Her manifestations as realized by created beings.

Parashakthi Karumari Amman

Divine Mother wished a house of worship built here in USA so she can give her Eternal Grace to her devotees and protect them from harm and tragedies which may befall on our world.

Year Ancient scrolls

Swami A.N.K. of Mylapore read the ancient scrolls pertaining to Dr. Krishna Kumar and predicted Divine Mother Parashakthi has chosen Dr. Krishna Kumar to build the Temple in a place where She already is manifest. Since then, Dr. Krishna Kumar has been performing kundalini meditation.

Divine vision

The Divine vision of the Shakthi appears in deep kundalini meditation to Dr. Krishna Kumar, CALLING him to build the temple in USA where all Her children can reach Her, so that she could radiate Her celestial blessings for our peace, happiness and paramount success. Miraculously, sixteen acres of pristine, virgin, lush land was found in the middle of Pontiac, MI (a suburb of Detroit), which was purchased by Dr. Krishna Kumar. Mr. A. N. K. Swamy described this particular land, through the Nadi reading, over twenty years ago and it is topographically very similar to the Meenakshi Temple’s land in Madurai. There is a stream of water on the south side of the Parashakthi Temple. This land being chosen by Divine Mother herself is a spiritual home where a devotee can transcend the mundane.

Hence, our temple is built on this pristine land chosen by “HER”. At our temple parashakthi has manifested as karumariamman.

Ka is a beeja for Brahma-saraswathi,
Ru is a beeja for Rudra and Rudrini,
Ma is a beeja for Maha Vishnu-Mahalakshmi,
Ri is a beeja for the mircocosmic divine conciousness vibrating in the heart region.

So her name karumariamman. is actually mantra for Supreme deities. The concept of Divine Mother-Amman is ancient and this indicates the supreme divine consciousness as transcended from the highest plane to the lowest in the material plane and can be reached by humans as Divine Mother-Amman. We are most fortunate and blessed to have the privilege of worshipping this supreme divine consciousness as our Divine Mother at our temple, where “SHE” has manifested actively due to the nature of the origin of our temple, which is deeply mystical. “She is the mother of Kundalini Shakthi, a minute part of her has manifested as “Purusha” (shiva) and Prakrithi (Shakthi), which together has materialized into various universes (multiverse) as living and non-living entities through maya shakthi.

She has been worshipped as Isis, Sophia, Shekina and with many other names. She manifests in various historical religions of the world, including the most ancient living religious tradition of Hinduism. In the early Church, the Holy Spirit was experienced as feminine, as seen from the writings of some church Fathers. In early Judaism, the figure of wisdom is experienced as feminine and the theology of "Shekina" and other references in the book of Isaiah as to the Motherhood of God are well known. Ever since the resurrection of Christ, the grace of Christ has always manifested itself in the form of Mother Mary. Now, in today's world, there is a new realization to view God as the Mother. It is in this regard that Shakthi worship in Hinduism, which dates back to several thousand years in India, can make a significant contribution toward betterment of humanity and uplifting of spirituality.

In India, since Indus Valley times, the newly discovered Saraswathy river civilization and the Vedic period, going back to over 5000 years we find a rich tradition of theology as well as worship-patterns of God as Mother, Devi and Parashakti, complete with liturgies, symbolism's, philosophies and psychologies. Her manifestations and worship centers are seen in various parts of India.

The origin of shakthi worship can be traced to such Vedic texts as Sri-Suktam, Durga-Suktam, Bhu-Suktam, Tripuropanishad, Bhavanopanishad etc. In Sandhya Upasana, we think of Gayatri Devi in the solar orb and imagine that the sun shines by HER effulgence and that She is also the Truth, which has kindled the light of reason in our minds. Her praise is sung thus in the Mantra 'Ayatu Varada Devi': "To those who adore thee, O' Mother, Thou grantest all boons, Thou art The origin of the Vedas and of all the Worlds, Be pleased to shine in my heart and accept my adoration. Thou art effulgence, Thou art the light of the Devas and Thou art in everything and beyond everything. Bathe me in thy light and purify me". It would show that the daily Sandyavandanam enjoined by Vedas is primarily Shakthi worship.

We have references of Shakthi worship in Maha-Bharata in many contexts - before entering Matsya- Kingdom, at the commencement of battle of Kurukshetra Arjuna prayed Durga, -- In Bhagavatam we observe Rukmini worshipping Ambika before her marriage. Devi Bhagavatam deals entirely with the glory of divine Mother. Brahmanda puranam contains Lalitha Sahasranama and Trisati. Chandi or Devi-Mahatmyam forms part of Markandeya-puranam.

Saundaryalahari (one of the 64 Sakta Tantras) says that after Siva had filled the world with the other Tantras, He gave out, at the request of Devi, the 'Sri Tantra' which fulfills the objects covered by all other Tantras. This is known as the worship of Tripura or Sri-Vidya, and includes Upasana of "Bala, Pancadasi and Sodasi"

The worship of Devi in Sri-Cakra is set forth by Adi-Sankara in his Prapancasara and Saundaryalahari. We have numerous places of Shakthi worship- Shakthi is adored as: Uma in Himalayas - Amba in Kashmir, Visalakshi in Varanasi., Gauri in Kanya Kubja, Bhavani in Maharashtra and Kali in Calcutta. Shakti is worshipped as Bala in Kanya Kumari, as Meenakshi (Syamala in Mantrini) in Madura in Tamil Nadu, as Akhilandeswari or Dandini at Jambukesvaram, as Kamakshi at Kancipuram, Karumari in Chennai, Sarada at Srungeri, as Camundesvari at Mysore, and as Bhagavati in Kerala. During Navaratri days She is adored as Durga, Lakshmi and Sarasvati (three in one).

1999 OCT 19

Murthi Prathishta - Installation of The Deities were performed by Pujya Shri Guru Sarvajanopakari Dr. V. V. Swarna Venkatesa Deekshitar of Chidambaran.

On Vijayadasmi

- Lord Ganesha, Devi Sri Adi Parashakthi Karumariamman, Lord Subramanya with Valli and Devayani and Sri Natraja with Sivakamasundari Murthi Prathishta were performed by Pujya Shri Guru Sarvajanopakari Dr. V. V. Swarna Venkatesa Deekshitar of Chidambaran. Pujya Shri Guru Sarvajanopakari Dr. V. V. Swarna Venkatesa Deekshitar of Chidambaran did consecration according to vaidika yantra prathishta. Pujya Shri Guru is known to be an authority in Yantras.


Now the Divine Mother, Parashakthi, has given us the privilege of having Her Divine Dwelling Place amongst us and for the whole world. Personally, “mother” has enhanced my kundalini ascension and has blessed me with mystical knowledge to understand “reality” and to communicate with higher vibrational entities, i.e. Devatas. Our temple mission is to distribute Divine Mother Parashakthi – Karumariamman’s “grace” and “blessings” to as many souls as possible so that every one of her devotees can have the same privileges and wisdom as I have been given, with so much kindness by our Eternal Mother, “the supreme divine consciousness” which has pervaded our entire universe and many other universes.

It’s very heartening and fulfilling that many devotees at our Temple have experienced many miracles through the grace of Parashakthi.

I am so pleased that many devotees and our board of directors have experienced so many blessings from our Divine Mother and I am thankful to them for making all these happenings possible so that all of us can be blessed and graced by Divine Mother Parashakthi at her Temple.

In Lalita–Sahasranama, in which the Divine Mother is described by thousand names with each name reflecting Her attributes. The first name given to the Divine Mother is Sri Mata (sacred mother), for it is the Divine Mother who gives Her child the highest knowledge, the Brahma Vidya.

The temple celebrates the Mother’s Day by praying to the supreme Divine Mother. Human mother is a spark of the Divine Mother, the quality of head and heart of the former are but an infinitesimally small expression of similar qualities in the latter. The characteristic predominance of emotional qualities in human mothers is an index that it must be so in the Divine Mother.