Temple Committee


G.Krishna Kumar, M.D, F.R.C.P.c, F.A.C.G, F.A.C.P. Temple Founder, President & spiritual director

Dr. Krishna Kumar, the temple founder, has been a staff member of William Beaumont Hospital since 1970. He is also an adjunct associate professor of medicine at Wayne State University College of Medicine. Dr. Kumar has published many articles in leading medical journals.

During a deep meditative Kundalini experience Dr. G. Krishna Kumar had a vision of the Divine Mother, Devi Parashakthi Karumariamman, who directed him to build a temple for “Her,” so that Her children can visit Her “house” and feel “Her” energy and receive divine blessings and grace. Dr. G. Krishna Kumar then devoted all his activities and life around this vision from the Mother (Devi Sri Parashakthi). With Her Divine guidance and his own meditative abilities, he has been guiding this project as the founding member and President of the Parashakthi Temple. He has contributed major portion of the funds and has donated millions of dollars, much of it is from personal borrowing from the bank.

He has devoted a great deal of his time and indeed some of us who have been closely working with him have seen his ability as a leader and visionary, with absolute dedication to the monumental task he has undertaken. Before this divine experience, Dr Krishna Kumar was carrying on his philanthropic activities in India and in United States quietly. A number of families who are present even at the temple know of his generosity and help in that direction. Indeed, Dr Krishna Kumar is our leader in the community.

Recognizing his new role after the deep meditative experience, he wanted to strengthen our organization at the national level even further. To strengthen our organization and community he has met with numerous leaders in the community. He was invited to Washington in Oct 2001 for further discussion and to meet with other senators and Governors He has developed relationship with the Michigan Governor and Mayor of the Pontiac City and this has helped our congregation’s goals. This certainly has given strength to our organization. Our organization’s goals are indeed dear to our community at the spiritual and economic level.

The devotees of the Parashakthi Temple are all grateful to such a divine messenger who has indeed made it possible, for us to gather and celebrate many holy festivities in the presence of the Divine Mother. In spite of his duties as a physician, as a leader at the temple, and devoting numerous hours to the temple activities, he continues to have his deep Kundalini meditation practice everyday, which has enhanced his mystical abilities. Many devotees of our congregation have experienced numerous miraculous events at our Temple and receive divine grace and blessings from our Divine Mother Parashakthi who is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent and the embodiment of divine love and compassion. Dr. Krishna Kumar is a seer, a mystic, a theosophist, a philosopher, a philanthropist and a highly evolved soul to whom all the devotees of the Temple are very thankful.

Dr. Krishna Kumar is Temple Founder, Patron, President and spiritual director. *


Venkat Hari, PhD, Vice President

Professor Venkat Hari, PhD is Emeritus Professor of Biotechnology and Molecular Biology in the Dept of Biological Sciences at Wayne State University, Detroit. He is an Editor of “GM Crops” an International journal focused on genetically modified ( recombinant DNA) crops and is a consultant in Biotechnology. He is very active in community affairs and has served as president of Tamil Sangam, Michigan (1988-89), Chairperson - Michigan Asian Indian Family Services (1997-2000) and a former member of the Board of Friends of Asian Art, and Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, Michigan. He also writes articles on Hinduism.


Mrs. Margaret Kumar, Manager

Mrs. Margaret Kumar is the wife of the Temple founder, Dr. Krishna Kumar. She has been a Divine Mother devotee since childhood. Mrs. Kumar is a former Deputy Mayor of the city of Sylvan Lake, Michigan. She is a licensed judge for the “Miss America” pageant organization and has coached many young women in this program to win thousands of dollars in college scholarships.

Mrs. Kumar graduated Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa honors. She was recently awarded State of Michigan Citizen Volunteer of the Year award and was also given the Congressional Medal of Honor awarded by the National Republican Party. She is a trained search and rescue member of the Civil Air Patrol and holds the rank of Second Lieutenant.

Mrs. Margaret has been instrumental in the successful completion of the temple remodeling project despite several problems and obstacles that were encountered during the planning and construction phases of the project.


Kristen Keskey, M.D., F.A.C.P. Temple Treasurer

Dr. Keskey is a distinguished Physician of internal Medicine at William Beaumont Hospital. She has been on the board of the Parashakthi Temple since it’s inception. She has supported the temple with monetary contributions and dedicated service. She has been in spiritual path from her childhood. She is a “seeker” who will become a “seer” with Divine Mother’s grace. She has donated substantial sums so far.

Dr. Keskey is a Temple Benefactor and Sustaining Life Member.*


Dr. Thiru. A. N. K. Swamy

Thiru. A. N. K. Swamy or Nalla Kurunthappa Swamigal was born on June 20th 1929. His birth was precisely calculated by astrologers of that time. He learned astrology from age 5 through 9 as the last disciple of the twin brothers Thiru. Mahalingam and Thiru. Amirthalingam. Since he was the last and brilliant disciple, these renowned teachers transferred all of their astrological prowess and acumen to Thiru. A. N. K. Swamy. From age 9-15, he continued to learn astrology under the expert guidance of Madurai Panaiyur T. Nagalingam Pillai. In 1942, he was quite down with illness and in the unconscious state he saw that he is going to receive palm leaves with inscriptions about astrological predictions with the blessing of goddess Mother Meenakshi.

On one fine day, while he was walking towards the Madurai Meenkakshi temple, he receives his palm leaves through an unknown old person. Since it is written in ancient Tamil (Grandha Tamil) he couldn’t decipher what’s written in it but he worshipped it at his home and did poojai. In 1944, under the kind order from his father, he started reading astrology with Pothi and Veluchamy. He also learned meditation and other mantras from them. In 1945, he participated in his first astrological conference and he was sought for many views and he clarified the details whenever discussions among them were muddled.

Thiru. Swamy is also a great philanthropist. He donated a major share of his earnings to the poor and needy and for construction and renovation of the temples and marriage halls. He also got his degree in Siddha Medicine at this time. In 1962 (at age 33), he came back to Ganappettai, which is his native place and started practicing ‘naadi’ astrology under the name ‘Meenakshi Naadi Jothidam’. It is named after his favorite goddess, Mother Meenakshi which he worships every full moon day at Madurai without fail. He became a renowned ‘naadi astrologer” and his popularity grew in T. Nadu and abroad. In 1966, he visited Malaysia and Singapore and read ‘naadi’ for people over there.

At Sri Devi Karumari Amman temple in Pontiac, Michigan, he performed the homa prior to ground breaking. In 2003, he performed ritualistic poojai and got involved in kumbabhishekam ceremonies and Navagraha installation.


Peter H. DeRidder, M.D., F.A.C.G., F.A.C.P.

Dr. Peter DeRidder was born and raised in Norway, Michigan. He graduated from University of Michigan and Wayne State University Medical School. He recently medically retired from his practice of Gastroenterology at William Beaumont Hospital. He has been a spiritual seeker since childhood. He has been a member of the Board since its inception and active in his support of the Temple with dedicated service and monetary support. Dr. DeRidder has had many visits to India in his quest for spiritual knowledge. He has had many wonderful experiences on these adventures. He has experienced Divine Mother's grace and blessings at our Temple and wishes everyone obtain the same through our Temple.

Dr. DeRidder is a Temple Benefactor. *


Vernon Johnson, J.D.

Mr. Johnson graduated from Kalamazoo College where he was an All-American tennis player. He received his Juris (Doctorate) Degree from the University of Detroit School of Law in 1986. He was recently named a partner at Feiger, Feiger, Kenney and Johnson, P.C., a nationally recognized law firm. He is an ardent devotee of Parashakthi and has donated substantial sums for Temple construction.

Mr. Johnson is a Temple Benefactor and Sustaining Life Member. *


Robert Shaw, Ph. D.

Dr. Shaw is a practicing psychologist in the metro Detroit area. He is married to Dr. Kristin Keskey, and was also involved in the temple since it’s inception. Dr. Shaw and Dr. Keskey have made several spiritual trips to India and are ardent worshippers of The Divine Mother. Dr. Shaw is a spiritual seeker and has great reverence for the Divine Mother. He is a devotee who has felt Divine Mother’s and Karthikeya’s grace.

Dr. Shaw is a Temple Benefactor and Sustaining Life Member. *


Leigh Brewster Ph.D.

Dr. Brewster is a clinical psychologist, practicing in West Bloomfield, MI.

She works with children, teens, adults, couples, and families, specializing in post traumatic stress disorders and addictions. She is a devotee of Divine Mother.


William Drolinger, J.D.

Mr. Drolinger graduated from Wayne State School of Law in 1952. He has a busy legal practice, and he is a distinguished attorney, who has authored many books on legal- financial aspects of law. Specializing in corporate business law. He is Chairman President and Chief Executive Officer of Holistic Centers, Inc., which involves special schools and health centers to prevent and reverse degenerative diseases. He is involved in many charitable tax-exempt organizations.


David A. Zimmerman, G.M. Design

Mr. Zimmerman is an executive with General Motors. He majored in Fine Arts at Indiana University. A life long student of world religions, Mr. Zimmerman is also the business manager and advisor to Clavegate College of England and business manager of Baker Publications in London.

He is also a life long student of metaphysics. Mr. Zimmerman also teaches esoteric philosophy. He is a world traveler and devotee of the Divine Mother.


Chandrachoodan Narayanan

BSc – University of Kerala. Diploma in Occupational Therapy

Medical College – Nagpur. Diploma in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

All India Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Bombay.

MS (OT) University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

Chief Occupational Therapist, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – Medical College, Trivandrum, Kerala

Teaching Assistant – University of Alberta, Edmontona, Canada

Senior O.T. – Windsor Western Hospital, Windsor, Canada

Chairperson – Allied Health Services, TISD, Caro, Michigan

Board Member – Community Health Center, Caro, Michigan

Regional Manager (Midwest Region) – Rehabilitation Management, Inc.

President, OT - PT Association, Kerala.

Member, MOTA, AOTA

Treasurer, Kerala Club

President, Kerala Club

President, Kerala Hindu Association of Michigan

Vice-President, Federation of Kerala Associations in North America

Very active in Temple activities


DR. K. Thavaraja M.D.

Dr. Thavaraja, was born in a village near Jaffna, Sri Lanka. His family was very involved in Temple activities in Sri Lanka and his father was a Trustee of the local village Temple. After his medical education in Sri Lanka, Dr. Thavaraja trained as a nephrologist and is an attending physician specializing in kidney diseases at the Oakwood Hospital system in Dearborn. He is married with four children, of whom two are physicians and two are lawyers. He is well known in the Sri Lankan Tamil community and is a strong supporter and devotee of the Parashakthi Temple.

Dr. Thavaraja has donated substantial sums and is Temple Benefactor and Sustaining Life Member.*


Hare Krishna Patnaik

Mr. Patnaik has been in Detroit since 1976 and been involved with Bharatiya Temple since 1986 in various capacities starting from Janitorial/cleaning committee to chairperson of bharatiya Temple in 1998. He was chairman of education committee, audiovisual committee, Inventory committee, Nomination committee, religious committee, Board of trustees. He has been instrumental in bringing Lord Jagannath to Bharatiya Temple and Parashakhti Temple and started the RathaYatra in Detroit area since 1995.He has been also involved in raising funds for the Orissa Cyclone, Gujrat Earthquake and various other humanitarian activities as eye camp and health camps in Adivasi villages in Orissa. He also volunteers in cooking for the needy at the Pontiac Soup kitchen. He has volunteered at Habitat for Humanity in building house for the poor.

On the professional side he is a professional engineer and runs a consulting company HP Microsystems in designing electronics for the big three automotive companies for future cars. He is married to Chinmayee and has two lovely sons Gautam and Siddhartha. He is also involved in professional organizations as ASEI, MMBDC.


Frank Stella

Entrepreneur, supporter of education, healthcare, business, community and church leader are all terms that could easily describe Frank D. Stella. He is Founder, Chairman, and CEO of The F.D. Stella Products Company, Detroit, designers and distributors of food service and dining equipment. The company was founded in 1946, and today leads a network of affiliates serving markets in Michigan and throughout the US. Frank is also Chairman and CEO of Stella International, New York, a consulting, joint venture and importing firm, and a member of the Board of Directors of Metropolitan Realty Corp. An alumnus of the University of Detroit College of Commerce and Finance, Frank has devoted his life to the betterment of others. His biography reads like an encyclopedia of achievements, awards and honors earned in serving the greater good.

Mr. Stella has served as a Board Member for many medical and educational institutions including the University of Detroit / Mercy, Wayne Community College Foundation, Mt. Carmel Mercy Hospital, Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center, Detroit Round Table, Detroit Urban League, Rehabilitation Institute Center for Independent Living, Vice Chairman of the Community Foundation of Southeastern Michigan and Vice Chairman of Grace Hospital, Detroit.

Frank has held seats on the boards of numerous civic, business and educational organizations and received numerous awards and honors for his commitment and dedication. His political achievements include numerous awards within the National Republican Committee, Michigan Finance Republican Committee, national Republican Heritage Groups Council and national, state and local Republican Committees as well as being an appointee of four Presidents, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Bush as well as Governors William Milliken, James J. Blanchard, and John M. Engler, and Mayor Coleman A. Young.

Business organizations benefiting from Frank's involvement include the Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis, Chairman of Greater Detroit Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Chamber of Commerce, New Detroit, Inc., Economic Alliance for Michigan, The Economic Growth Corporation, Economic Club of Detroit, Chairman of the City of Detroit Income Tax Board of Review, National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Chairman of The National Italian American Foundation of Washington, DC, Chairman of Save orchestra Hall and Board Member and Vice Chairman of Detroit Symphony Orchestra hall, and Michigan Opera Theatre.

He was decorated by the Government of Italy three times and received its highest decoration "Grande Ufficiale", and was awarded a doctorate in business by the Gentium Pacem University in Rome and Clearly College, was awarded the seal of the University of Bologna by its Rector, member of the Board of Advisors of John Hopkins University Bologna Center, and Board Gregorian University of Rome Foundation. Selected by Detroit, Michigan as Michiganian of the Year 1997. The 1995 recipient of the George W. Romney Award for Lifetime Achievement in Volunteerism - because of his exceptional philanthropic leadership. Knights of Charity Award by PIME Missionaries U.S.A for person to person charities, October 1997, Awarded Executive of the Year by the Detroit Executive Association, November 1998. Received the State of Israel Bonds -State of Israel Independence Issue Award Temple Beth El, West Bloomfield, MI, and October 1998. He was drafted as a private in World War II, and was honorably discharged as a Major in the Army Air Force. He is listed in Who's Who in America the World and in the Midwest, Men of Achievements, Community Leaders of America and the Michigan Social Register.

*Temple Founder/Patron – Those individuals who have donated over $1,000,000 (one million dollars) to the Parashakthi Temple.

*Temple Benefactor and Sustaining Life Member – Those individuals who have donated over $100,000 (one lakh dollars) to the Temple.

*Temple Benefactor – Those individuals who have donated over $30,000 (thirty thousand dollars) to the Temple.