Temple Notes

• Please examine the devotee address book at the front desk and update your mailing address & phone number so that you are ensured of getting all postal mail and year end donations report for tax purposes.

• As for as possible, Please make all payments for Pujas by Checks or Credit cards.

• Kindly turn off cell phones or set them on vibratory mode during puja. Please do not talk during Puja, if you wish to socialize, then please go over to the Kitchen area.

• Kindly consider bringing Dry Fruits/ Nuts instead of fresh fruits . As a courtesy to our Mother, priests and other devotees, adults are requested to avoid wearing shorts and short skirts when you come to temple.

• Sponsor Flowers via Donations to Flower Fund or actually offering flowers (symbolic of offering Our Attachment to Worldly Karmic Desires, and receiving Spirituality and True Knowledge).