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Letter of appreciation for presenting in RCP Conference (Download PDF)


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March 27, 2009

Dear Krishna,

As we reflect on our fruitful 3 days together for the International Conference on Religion, Conflict, and Peace, and on behalf of our staff, organizations, and supporters, we wish to express how much we appreciate and value your contribution of time, effort, talent, and goodwill in supporting it’s mission. Your willingness to step forward to help promote and facilitate this important public dialogue is commendable and a testament to your commitment to this work in the world, and we are grateful that you joined us in launching this year’s program.

By Sunday’s closing, opportunities were already emerging for both individual action and collaboration beyond this first conference and in developing the program for 2010. Our task now is to follow up on these opportunities and share them to allow us to maintain the connection and inspiration generated, and to promote effective ways of putting principles into practice. Through our website, conference blog, and virtual journal we will be compiling and posting information on outcomes and future plans, as well as offering opportunities for keeping participants linked for cooperation and mutual support. We are also by design fundamentally collaborative and invite those interested to join us in this mission.

Our intent is to grow a network around this annual event to carry forward ideas and action plans that feed into subsequent events. If you have thoughts on ways to help accomplish this or wish to be more actively involved in supporting this effort please do let us know. Important help can include offering feedback and ideas to consider as we develop the program looking to next year, assisting with raising awareness of the RCP Conference by reaching out to more individuals and organizations to participate, securing financial and in-kind resources to support the conference and it’s outcomes, offering needed in-kind services, assisting our organizational team, etc.

The response to this first effort confirms we are tapping into a deep concern and need to address these issues in an inclusive public dialogue, and that the intent of the conference reaches people at a meaningful level. We feel forums such as this provide the vital space for inviting increasingly more people into the process and joining our wisdom to explore ways of healing and transforming toxic energy and dynamics that feed negative belief systems, polarity, and the creation of enemy images of each other. The potential for where this quality of engagement leads is great in cultivating understanding, a consciousness of peace, and instilling practical hope that can move us to positive action in our personal and professional lives.

Your effort and support have clearly contributed to this task, and we look forward to continuing to work with you as we advance the mission of the RCP Conference.



Steve Olweean, Director of Common Bond Institute

And on behalf of

Achmat Salie, Director of Oakland University Islamic Studies Program