Saree Sponsorship

"By you this universe is borne, By you this world is created, O Devi, by you it is protected." (Devi-Mahatmya).

It is very auspicious to offer Pure Silk Sarees to the Divine Mother. Ritual of ‘offering a sari and a blouse-piece’ is called as ‘Oti bharane’. Offering this is to invoke Her nirgun (Non-materialised) form to assume a saguṇ form’ to bring about our spiritual progress or welfare.

During Festival’s we have special requirements and need more sarees each day to adorn the Mother. It is a great blessing to offer a Saree to the Divine Mother during Navratri Festival. Devotees are encouraged to sponsor sarees for various Alankaram’s. We need minimum of 4 sarees for each Alankaram.

Devotees can sponsor a Saree to the Divine Mother by donating money online or offer a saree at the temple Front desk.


  • It should be a pure Silk Saree.
  • No artificial or synthetic material is accepted.
  • Pavadai for AshtaLakshmi or any Utsavar Murthy also should be pure Silk.
  • Please check with Temple Staff for further questions and no exceptions are made in this regard.
  • For donations made online Temple will provide a pure Silk Saree on your behalf to be adorned.
  • Devotees can purchase the vastram they donated, after being adorned which is now energized by the deities energy, for an additional price of $101.00 for all Deities. Please inform the temple staff ahead.

Donate Money For A Saree

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