Our Priests

Parashakthi Temple is home to five experienced Hindu priests who can perform various types of Hindu rituals and Pujas at the Home of the devotee or in the Temple. These include: Seemantham ( Pregnancy), Namakaranam (Naming), Annaprasanam (First-meal), Akshrabhyasa, Upanayanam (Thread ceremony), Vidyabhasa Poorthy (Graduation), Nischitartham (Engagement), Vivaham (Wedding), Shashtiabdapoorthy (60th Birthday), Sadabhishekam (80th Birthday), Bhumi Puja, Graha Pravesham (House warming), Rishi Panchami, Sathyanarana pooja, Vahana puja and all types of Homa and Nithya puja. Our priests will also handle funeral services, shraadda (ancestor Worship puja) and other aparakramas. A brief description of our priests is given below.

Konduru Sudhakar Sharma

Konduru Sudhakar Sharma joined our temple as priest in March 2017. He received his training from Sri Saradha Peetha Sree Sankaraacharya Vedoktha Karmanushthana Nirvahaka Sabha in 2002 and received astrology diploma from Osmania University in 2008. He speaks several languages Telugu, Tamil, English and Sanskrit fluently. Before joining our temple he worked as a priest in Sri Venkateshwara temple in Secunderabad from 2002-2012 and as a head priest in Sri Varasiddi Vinayaka Swamy temple Secunderabad from 2012 until now.

He is familiar with all the temple rituals, festivals, Poojas, Abhishekams, Homams ( Ganapaty homam, Lakshmi homam, Chandi homam, Navagraha homam, Ayyappa homam, Prathyangira homam, Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy homam, Vasthu homam), Vrathams like Varalakshmi vratham, Satyanarayana vratham, Sai vratam and many more. He is also well trained and available to perform various Samskaras like Seemantham, Namakaranam, Annaprasannam, Aksharabhyasam, Choulam, Upanayanam, Vivaham and other Apara Karmas. 


Joined our temple as priest on June 15th 2012. He comes from a family of Vaishnavite Vedic priests. He was trained initially by his father who is an accomplished priest and subsequently trained in Sri Prasna Samhitha Pancharathra Agama under L.S. Soundarraja Bhattachariar of Kumbakonam. He worked as an Assistant to his guru at the Lord Sarangapani, Chakrapani and Ramaswamy temples in Kumbakonam. He is familiar with different Temple Aradhana protocols as well as different types of Gruha Puja particularly in Sri Vaishnava Sampradayam. He is familiar with Ganapathi Homam, Sudharsana Homam, Sri Lakshmi Narashima Homam, Sri Lakshmi Hayagreeva Homam Dhanvanthri Homam, Lakshmi Homam, Durga Homam, Mrtyunjaya Homam, Navagraha Homam, Dakshina Moorthy Homam, Raghu Kethu shanthi Homam and others. Sri Varadharajan speaks fluent Tamil and communicates well in English. He is available for performing various Gruha Puja.

Krishnaswamy Alasingara Bhatta

Shri krishnaswamy Bhatta joined our temple in the summer of 2008. He comes from a family of hereditary priests of the Kote Sri Prasanna Venkataramana Swamy Temple, Bangaluru. He received diplomas in Pancharathra Agama, Pravara and Praveena from Mysore S. M. Sanskrit College and Vishishtadwaitha Vedanta Madhyama training from Karnataka University. Before joining our temple, he worked as an Agamik priest in Kote Sri Anjaneyaswamy Temple and Karekal Sri Anjaneyaswamy Temple, Bangaluru. He is well trained in Bhagadaradhana Nityotsava, Brahmotsava, Pavitrotsava, Kalyanotsava, MahaKumbhabhishekam, Prana Prathishtapanam, Sudrarhana Homam, Griha Pravesam, Nama Karanam and all Poorva Prayogams. He speaks and can converse in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, English and Hindi. Shri Krishnaswamy belongs to the Vaishnavite sampradayam.