Sri Maha Chandi Homam - Monday, Oct 7th, 2019

Picture of Sri Maha Chandi Homam - Monday, Oct 7th, 2019
07 Oct - 2019 Monday


Attainment of health, wealth, prosperity, longevity, food, wealth, progeny, fame, success, strength, etc, removal of fear, ailments danger, defeat in the hand of adversaries, etc. By performing the homam five times, evil planetary influences are removed. The performance of this homam seven times removes all fears, performance eleven times begets royal influence and sixteen times begets progeny. The core of the homam ceremony involves a recitation of the Sri Durga Saptashati or 700 verses in praise of the goddess Sri Durga Devi. With the recitation of each verse, offerings are made in the sacrificial fire invoking the goddess. The Sri Durga Saptasati is a 13-chapter narration from Sri Markandeya Purana attributed to the Rishi Markandeya. In a workbook-like, fascinating, allegoric way the verses demonstrate how the Goddess Sri Chandi vanquishes and annihilates the two demons Shumbha (or Pride) and Nishumbha (or Shame), slaying the negativities of Indulgence and Denial, restoring the equilibrium necessary for perfection.

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Sri Maha Chandi Homam

09:15 AM  Chandhra Hora Sri Maha Chandi Homam Poornaahuthi followed by Bhairava Bali, Vatuka Bhairava Puja, Kanya Puja, Suvaasini Puja, Dhampathi Puja followed by Sri Devi Parasakthi Mahaabhishekam


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