Ani Utjthiram Sri Sivakamasundari Sametha Sri Natarajaswamy Abhishekam

Picture of Ani Utjthiram Sri Sivakamasundari Sametha Sri Natarajaswamy Abhishekam
20 Jun - 2018 Wednesday

Program Details:-

09:30 AM Sri Siva Lingam Abhishekam along with Sri Radhakrishna Abhishekam

07:30 PM Ani Utjthiram (Ani Thirumanjanam) Sri Sivakamasundari Sametha Sri Natarajaswamy Abhishekam

Significance: (A whole year for men is said to be a single day for the Gods. Just as six poojas are performed in a day at the sanctum sanctorum, six anointing ceremonies are performed for the principal deity- Lord Nataraja in a year. They are the Marghazhi Thiruvaadhirai (in December- January) indicating the first pooja, the fourteenth day after the new moon (chaturdasi) of the month of Masi (February- March) indicating the second pooja, the Chittirai Thiruvonam (in April- May) indicating the third pooja or uchi kaalam, the Uthiram of Aani (June- July) also called the Aani Thirumanjanam indicating the evening or the fourth pooja, the chaturdasi of Aavani (August- September) indicating the fifth pooja and the chaturdasi of the month of Puratasi (October- November) indicating the sixth pooja or Arthajama.

Of these, the Marghazhi Thiruvaadhirai (in December- January) and the Aani Thirumanjanam (in June- July) are the most important. These are conducted as the key festivals with the main deity being brought outside the sanctum sanctorum in a procession that included a temple car procession followed by a long anointing ceremony. Several hundreds of thousands of people flock the temple to see the anointing ceremony and the ritualistic dance of the Lord when He is taken back to the Sanctum Sanctorum. There are references in Umapathy Sivam's Kunchithaangristhavam' that the Maasi festival also had the Lord being carried out in procession , however this is not in vouge these days.)


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