Saree Sponsorship

"By you this universe is borne, By you this world is created, O Devi, by you it is protected." (Devi-Mahatmya).

It is very auspicious to offer Pure Silk Sarees to the Divine Mother. Ritual of ‘offering a sari and a blouse-piece’ is called as ‘Oti bharane’. Offering this is to invoke Her nirgun (Non-materialised) form to assume a saguṇ form’ to bring about our spiritual progress or welfare.

Devotees can sponsor a Saree to the Divine Mother by donating money online or offer a saree at the temple. If you want the Saree to be adorned by the Mother on any particular day we encourage you to fill the form online or talk to the front desk at the temple .

During Festival’s we have special requirements and need more sarees each day to adorn the Mother. It is a great blessing to offer a Saree to the Divine Mother during Navratri Festival. Devotees are encouraged to sponsor sarees for various Alankaram’s. We need minimum of 4 sarees for each Alankaram.

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